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Central Heating Power Flush & Mangaclean Filter From Only £695 inc VAT

Power Flush

If your radiators have a cold spot in the middle then they will probably need a Power Flush. Power Flush is an effective technique to keep your radiators working efficiently. Water and cleaning chemicals are pumped through your radiators at high pressure which flushes out any build-up and dirt that is causing a blockage.

By Power Flushing all your radiators, you will be making your central heating system more efficient which will save you money on your heating bills. It could also save you the time and potential money spent on central heating repairs.


MagnaClean® Professional sets an industry standard for plumbing and heating engineers when it comes to protecting and maintaining both new and existing central heating systems.

Developed by independent heating engineer Chris Adey, the arrival of MagnaClean Professional on the market has generated considerable interest among boiler manufacturers and service professionals throughout the sector. It is widely recognised as a major breakthrough in central heating system maintenance.

In an age of advanced and high efficiency gas and oil boilers there has never been a greater need to safeguard what amounts to one of the most important and most expensive investments in the modern home – The central heating system.

Even a small build-up of iron oxide and non-magnetic deposits in a standard or modern efficiency boiler results in substantial efficiency loss and fuel wastage. So, not only does the system perform inadequately, it also costs more to run and maintain.

MagnaClean Professional is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow, magnetic and non-magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of suspended magnetic debris.

The benefits of this new technology are immediate:

  • Effective magnetic and efficient non-magnetic filtration

  • Simple installation and effortless servicing saving time and money

  • Immediate results & system protection cutting heating energy bills by up to 6% a year*

  • Long operational life AND guaranteed for TWO years

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • MagnaClean Professional 22mm available in black and white

  • More than a million MagnaClean filters installed throughout the UK

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